Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Our Lives Can Change With Every Breath We Take"

The quote from my title is one from a movie I saw last week, called "Where the Heart Is".  I was thinking about the quote a lot over the weekend.

Friday night, my boyfriend and I had a shitty fight over something incredibly retarded as we were leaving the grocery store, and spent most of the right home in stony silence.  I was so mad at him.  I knew that I was being silly, I tend to over react to things.  I started to try and explain to him.  We exchanged a few words, but nothing was really resolved.  We kept driving down the highway, about a mile or two from our turn off to get home.

And then a drunk driver hit us.

We're both okay, some stiffness and soreness, but I don't even have any bruises that I can find.  He says he's fine, but I think his back is sore.

In the moments after the accident, I remember thinking how much worse it could have been.  If any one of a thousand tiny things had gone differently, either one of us might not be here today.

I have a bad habit of not wearing my seat belt sometimes, but I was wearing it that night.  Boyfriend might have turned the wheel a little more to the left and go into oncoming traffic.  He might have turned it more to the right and hit the guy in the front end of his car instead of the back end, which might have killed him or hurt one of us worse.  They guy could have been in a bigger car or a truck that wasn't mostly fiber glass.  We could have been in one of our other cars... that are mostly fiber glass, instead of our tank.  We could have been going faster, Boyfriend does like to speed a little bit.  Our brakes could have failed or locked up.

It was enough to make anyone shake.

Later, I realized that even though we were both fine, we came so close to losing everything, to losing one another, and our last moments would have been in the midst of a stupid fight.  And that made me incredibly upset.

I'm not going to preach about how you should always resolve every fight you have with someone right then and there... but it's a bad idea to let something so trivial make you so angry.

Impact at 55 MPH

Our Lives Can Change With Every Breath We Take.