Thursday, July 05, 2012

Killer Ginger Ale Bottle on the Loose

It was 10:30pm.  I was making my lunch ... dinner?  I dunno, whatever you call a meal you eat at 3 am under fluorescent lights while "derping on Reddit", even though you're being paid to work.  I was making that.

I heard this high pitch squealing noise from ... somewhere in the kitchen.  I couldn't determine where.  It sounded like a noise that some battery operated toy would make when it was dying a slow, painful death due to weak batteries.  I couldn't figure it out.  I finally determined it was coming from the vicinity of the kitchen near the Carbon Monoxide detector.

*cue minor freak out*

I wake up Boyfriend and drag him out to the kitchen to investigate.  He is not happy, and not helpful. He says he thinks its coming from behind the wall. His advice?  "Don't worry about it, call someone in the morning."

My response?

"Very helpful, I hope you don't BLOW UP OR DIE WHILE I AM AT WORK!"

I can be a bit dramatic.  He goes back to bed, I continue Gum-shoeing around the kitchen, trying to figure out where "behind the wall" it might be.  So, I move an empty ginger ale bottle that had been left on the counter in the wake of the phantom squealing.

And then I realized what was making the noise.

Go ahead and laugh.  I loosened the lid, the noise stopped.  My boyfriend is going to be pissed with me when he reads this.